Mini Film Festival A collection of short films about women and cycling

Our hub officers have hand picked some short films about women and biking to share with you. Our Mini Film Festival is available to be viewed at a convenient time for you. You can watch these films one after another as your own Mini Film Festival event or the films can be enjoyed on their own.

All Bodies on Bikes- Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky are on a mission – a mission to change the idea that people in larger bodies can’t ride bikes. The duo aims to make cycling more inclusive, beyond just inviting people of all sizes to ride bikes, but by changing the entire idea of what it means to be a cyclist — not just on screens, but on trails and in people’s minds.

Lael Rides Alaska– Follow Lael Wilcox, 4th generation Alaskan and an ultra-distance cyclist, pushing her limits in her home state as she rides all of the major roads in Alaska. ‘Riding roads is feeling topography and weather, seeing history and reality, and experiencing everything along the way. If the finish line is home, how much farther can we go? If we bring along our loved ones, how much more will it mean?’

Breaking the cycle – Jools Walker– When Jools Walker rediscovered her love of cycling, she knew it wouldn’t be easy to make a career of as a young black woman. But she had no idea quite how challenging life would get; a diagnosis of depression, a mini-stroke, and becoming her mother’s full-time carer in the space of a few short years threatened to send her tumbling from the saddle. But Jools’ passion, along with her desire to create space for women like her in cycling, helped keep those wheels turning. Now as a published author and public speaker, she’s spreading her powerful mindset far and wide.

On Her Terms– A short-form documentary brought to you by former DH World Champion Manon Carpenter and Monet Adams; known for their creative design work alongside her exploits as a rider. As friends they share an unrivaled passion for travelling the world with their bikes, but their similarities run deeper as they explore their connection to nature and the environment, the only way they knew how: Mountain Biking. On Her Terms follows Manon and Monet as they journey to Iceland to find some of the best trail riding in the northern hemisphere and explore how Iceland is pushing the boundaries of sustainability on and off the bike

Women of Colour Cycling Film Compilation Bike for Good- A selection of films made about women of colour cycling, first shown at the Women of Colour Cycling Group launch event as part of the Glasgow Women on Wheels Cycle Festival brought to us by Bike For Good, Glasgow.

Steezy Lakeland 200 Project: Part 1– On March 18th the Steezy Collective’s off-road recce crew headed off to tackle the infamous Lakeland 200, a route created by Alan Goldsmith to test riders’ mettle. Covering 200km, 6000m of climbing and spanning the entire Lake District, this hike-a-bike heavy route was anything but easy. Yet, in true Steezy fashion 5 days of epic adventure left the motley crew itching for more. Why part 1? Get ready for Part 2 in Autumn 2022.

REI Presents: Do Better Together- Ayesha McGowan is a young Black woman from New Jersey who is determined to become the first female African-American pro road cyclist. She won her first state championship in her third race and quickly noticed that she was one of the very few females of African-American descent on the scene. In fact, she discovered that there had not been a single African-American pro road cyclist, ever. She has taken it upon herself to become the first.

North Shore Betty | You’re Never too Old to Send– After nearly 30 years on the harrowing and hallowed trails of British Columbia’s North Shore Mountains, Betty Birrell still thinks life is one big playground—and that you’re never too old to send.

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