As part of this years festival we have chosen to screen RESOLUTION RACE on Friday 7th May at 9pm.

Four women, two cargo bikes, six days, Edinburgh to Copenhagen. What could possibly go wrong? In 2019, The Adventure Syndicate set out to challenge body and mind. Resolution Race was not a race in the traditional sense, but a demonstration of how far collective resolve, collaboration and kindness can take us in the race to save our planet.

Our Mini Film Festival will be available from Wednesday 5th May. These can be watched one after another as a Mini Film Festival event (Approximately 60 minutes) or the films can be enjoyed by themselves.

Mini Film Festival A collection of short films about women and cycling

Fast Forward- Lael Wilcox (8 minutes)– For bikepacker and ultra-long-distance racer Lael Wilcox, taking on the Arizona Trail—800+miles of desert singletrack—is a challenge unlike any other, and it will test her to the core.

Becoming Ruby -Inclusion, Bikes and Hand-Drawn Heroes (18 minutes) A film about inclusion, identity and hand-drawn heroes. If you can’t find a hero, create your own; for mountain biker, skier and artist Brooklyn Bell, that hand-drawn hero was a comic character named Ruby J. Using Ruby as a role model, Brooklyn set out to “live like her, breathe like her, be unapologetically black like her,” finding her own identity in a mix of dirt, snow, art and inclusion.

The Adventure Syndicate the North Coast 500 (Scotland) 7 women, 518 miles, 36 hours- (2 1/2 Minutes)- A group of top women cyclists participate in the endurance non stop cycling event – North Coast 500 across some of the most beautiful parts of the North Coast of Scotland ..fantastic scenery with drone views

Perris Benegas- BMX (3 Minutes)- Short footage showing the dangers it takes practicing BMX-ing stunts and how when you fall off you just have to get back on again.

Should- A film by Jenny Graham, Lee Craigie & Katrina Brown. (7 Minutes) – ‘Should’ examines the challenges that teenage girls face as they battle the pressures to conform to society’s ideas of what girls should be like. With bikes and the Adventure Syndicate’s positive role models they find the freedom and courage that comes from adventuring outdoors.

Moksha – Freedom Through the Mountains (21 minutes) – The film follows a week long bike packing adventure through the lower Everest region, facilitating a confidence building mountain bike clinic led by Ladies All Ride’s founder Lindsey Richter, and competing in the Asian Enduro Race Series. These inspiring moments, along with many shared Nepali meals, customs, and dances have created long lasting sisterhood and love for one another, despite the age gaps and cultural differences of the women in the film. In short, the journey shares a blossoming female community that few people even know exist and in a dramatically male dominant society and culture.

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