As part of this years festival we have chosen to screen DIVIDED on Friday 19th June at 8pm.

DIVIDED tells the story of an expedition that didn’t quite go to plan, but was all the richer for it. The Tour Divide route follows the Continental Divide down the spine of the USA, and covers a distance more than three times the length of the UK, with just under 20 Everests worth of climbing. The rules are simple: eat and sleep when you like, but the clock never stops. Follow the exact route. Remain completely self-supported. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, racers have to dodge bears, lightning storms, snow and snakes. Lee and Rickie self-filmed the whole way. This is the story of their adventure. It’s not a straightforward one. None of the best stories are.

We have also chosen some amazing and inspirational short films about women and cycling. These can be watched during our Mini Film Festivals. No need to Book – A link to these videos will go live at the time indicated below.

Mini Film Festival Part 1- Wednesday 17th June 6-7pm A collection of five short films about women and cycling

I’m Not Stopping- Lael Wilcox- The Navad1000 is a 1000-kilometer-long self-supported mountain bike race that climbs 30,000 meters through the Swiss Alps. Lael Wilcox chose the race as her first ultra-endurance competition in Europe, crossing nearly the entire country of Switzerland by bike. The film showcases the relentless natural beauty of the Swiss Alps and the challenges of ultra-endurance bike racing (15 mins)

Wild Women- Karen Darke– Karen fell off a cliff and became paralysed from the chest down at age 21. Whilst initially she thought “I’d rather be dead than paralysed”, She soon learned that with friends, creativity and perseverence most things were still possible. She has now spent over a decade as a full-time athlete, a silver-medallist in the London 2012 Paralympics and Paralympic Champion in the Rio 2016 Paralympics. (5 Mins)

World Champion Artistic Cyclist- Viola Brand- Viola started artistic cycling at the age of 6 years old and is now a professional freestyle cyclist who won the silver medal at the world championships in 2016 and 2017 (1 1/2 Mins)

The Hebridean Way. A Winter Ride- Jenny Tough– Jenny Tough is an adventure traveller and endurance challenger. She is mostly found bikepacking around Scotland and abroad, or fastpacking (running very long distances with a heavy backpack) across mountains. This is a short film about her February adventure on the Outer Hebrides, mountain biking the Hebridean Way Trail south to north. (2 1/2 Mins)

For Afghanistan’s Women, Empowerment Comes on Two Wheels- Shannon Galpin- For women, riding a bike in Afghanistan is viewed by society as controversial and provocative. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Shannon Galpin is committed to changing that view by seeking out young women who have the desire to ride. This short film from Let Media and Pongo Media Productions sheds light on their mission and emphasizes the dangerous risks these riders take. By “risking their lives for the joy of riding a bike” these women “are sparking a revolution” and inspiring others to do the same. (7 Mins)

Mini Film Festival Part 2- Thursday 18th June 6.45pm-7.45pm– A collection of four short films about women and cycling

A women’s Tour de France- DW Documentary- The Tour de France is one of the world’s biggest sporting events, alongside the football World Cup and Wimbledon. But so far, it’s only open to men. A group of female cyclists in France wants to change this. A few years ago, a group of women cyclists started cycling the same route as the Tour de France, just one day before the men – without an entourage, without big-name sponsors and without the roads being closed off. (12 1/2 Mins)

Escape – Lee Craigie’s inner journey along the Caledonia Way- Lee Craigie of the Adventure Syndicate shares her short film about cycling the Caledonia Way in Scotland. (2 1/2 Mins)

Huntress (2018) | Short Film by Kelsey Leigh- This is my first short film, and a passion project of mine for a long time. I am a new filmmaker, and learning as I go. I didn’t use any fancy pro equipment, gimabls etc – All I wanted to do was tell our story and capture these powerful, incredible riders as truthfully and intimately as I could. (7 Mins)

How This Cyclist Hit 184MPH and Set the World Record- Denise Mueller-Korenek- Denise Mueller-Korenek shattered the previous land-speed record for the fastest human on a bicycle on earth. (21 Mins)

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